photo credit: Hantzy Kessler

Țara Făgărașului is a historical region of Romania, located in Southern Transylvania. The region brings together dynamic communities in a beautiful natural ecosystem. The area benefits from significant resources ranging from a rich cultural patrimony to local communities with a strong regional identity to people, locals or friends of Țara Făgărașului, who care about these places and take an active role in making the region work better.

Nevertheless, the region is encountering significant economic, social, educational, environmental challenges. For addressing these challenges, local civil society is essential. We need a stronger civil society that is resilient in order to generate improvement over the long term.

This project will provide a general overview of civil society organizations from Țara Făgărașului. It will also propose modalities to improve further how civil society works so that those engaged can do more and better for shaping a better future for the region. This page will bring you more details about the civil society in Țara Făgărașului over the following years.


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The project is implemented by Țara Făgărașului Community Foundation in partnership with Mihai and Maria Frațilă Foundation and the Făgăraș Research Institute and benefits from a 249,864 euro grant from Active Citizen Fund România, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021.
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