Civil society organizations have an important impact on societies. However, their accountability and the sustainability of their actions is generating much discussion in a global context where the space for civil society is shrinking. Social impact management, from diagnosis and design, to assessment, to strategy, to communication is one of the ways that can address these shortcomings. The Social Impact Management Toolkit presents a selection of tools, apps, and platforms that can be used by CSOs mindful of their impact. The Toolkit is designed as a step-by-step social impact guide for beginners and is aimed at small and medium organizations.


A practical guide for NGOs, activists and volunteers about democratic limits of freedom of expression, countering hate speech, fake news and intimidation.

Author(s): Stefan Cibian, Silvia Fierascu, Svjetlana Knezevic, Karin Liebhart,  Hannes Meissner, Anca Molnos, Laura Ranca, Mariya Yurukova, Christiana Weidel.


The project “Tools for Citizens” is made to answer to this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (in short, VUCA) world. When complicated situations turn into complex ones, new approaches are necessary to respond to new needs. By providing easily accessible DIY tools – methods and workshops – which tackle needs for teams and organizations, we support civil society actors who want to act and collaborate in this complex world. The Toolbox enables actors to develop their organization, the work together in their team, and with their community.



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